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is created for goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers with a huge desire bringing together everything needed for modern goalkeeping.

In it you will find the information you need to participate in current events. seminars and camps improving your qualification.

You will find interesting articles, interviews with coaches and goalkeepers on a specific goalkeeping theme.

In the Methodology section, you will find "Methodology and Development of the Bulgarian Goalkeeper", which is written with the assistance of a large number of goalkeeping specialists.

Where can your child train with a licensed and working coach, see here.

A shop is where you will find everything you need for goalkeeping equipment.

Training guide

Part One

The first published book for goalkeeping training in Bulgaria. The book edition started in the spring of 2021 and enjoys great interest from coaches, goalkeepers, professionals and amateurs. We now have the foresaw of providing you with an electronic version



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The Methodius for Work and Development is a project created with the participation of almost all licensed goalkeeping coaches.

Approved and systematized for each age group.

Use it in your daily job or trust our specialists.

The team of the website

A long -awaited platform of all of us, on which we can share ideas and join forces.

Let's go

Boyan Peykov

Coach goalkeepers, Cherno more team

Born with talent, upgrade with work, with persistence achieve success!


Ilia Ivanov

Coach goalkeepers, CSKA-Sofia

The site is innovative and valuable for everyone interested in goalkeeping. Goalkeeper.bg is a massive step toward professional growth!

Nikolay Kutsarov

Goalkeeper Coach, ЦСКА 1948

Platform allows us to be useful. Combining a common cause, talent and work!


Martin Mitev

Coach goalkeepers, Heber Pazardzhik

Lyubo Sheitanov

Admiration guys! I fully support you and I am with you. I admire the project with two hands and I hope Goalkeeper.bg will succeed!

Lyubo Sheitanov

Goalkeeper Coach, National Team, Ludogorets, Omonia, Lokomotiv Pd

Miro Mitev

I will follow and watch the Goalkeeper.bg platform daily to be informed of the new trends in the modern goalkeeper game! Good luck guys, you can count on me!


Miro Mitev

Goalkeeper Coach, National team, Pirin bl.

Deyan Minev

An important step forward for the development of the goalkeeper position in Bulgaria! Goalkeeper.bg gathers everything for the goalkeeper and coach in one place!

Deyan Minev

Goalkeeper Coach, Anortosis

Ivelin Kalinchev

Innovation to help the Bulgarian goalkeeper! Use, train and succeed to be the winner with Goalkeeper.bg!

Ivelin Kalinchev

Goalkeeper Coach, Sinite Kamani Sliven

Krasi Kolev

I look forward to seeing the realization of this idea. I am convinced that it will be useful for anyone involved in the "goalkeeper's craft". Good luck with goalkeeper.bg!

Krasi Kolev

Goalkeeper Coach, Lokomotiv PD, Levski, Cherno More

Hristo Nikolov

Good luck to everyone related to this wonderful idea and realization! goalkeeper.bg First coaches site!

Hristo Nokolov - Buchi

Goalkeeper Coach, Septemvri Sofia


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